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Course Overview


What if traffic volumes continue to increase due to growing populations or what if the government bans the sale of all fuel-based cars in the near future? Transportation is one of our future most important challenges. Find out in our MOOC ‘Transportation systems and policy’ how we can turn this challenge into an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, minimize congestion and improve road safety.

What to expect?

  1. Six modules
  2. Free high quality learning materials
  3. Individual & collaborative assignments
  4. Online discussion & (peer)feedback
  5. (inter)action

Feeling inspired and eager to shape the future of transportation in your local environment? Join our MOOC or already take a sneek peak into our six modules on!

Learning Objectives

By participating in this MOOC, you will learn more about six themes:

  1. Transport resistance factors
  2. Urban planning
  3. Road safety
  4. Quantifying and predicting travel behaviour
  5. Transport policy assessment
  6. Environmental impact of transportation

Certification and Additional Info

Have you acquired a taste for transportation? Join the Master of Transportation Sciences at Hasselt University (Belgium). The international master's programme trains students to identify transportation and road safety issues and to come up with solutions taking into account economy, society, urban development, environment and infrastructure.

The course 'Transport systems and transport policy: An Introduction' is part of the preparation programme of the Master of Transportation Sciences. Successfully completing the MOOC will count towards official UHasselt credits.


Mario Gielen