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Course Overview

This MOOC has run at the EMMA platform in the beginning of 2015. The MOOC is now closed and will be no longer available.

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is intended for teachers who want to design a course or redesign an existing course, and want to alternate between online learning and face-to-face meetings. During this MOOC we analyse various examples of blended learning. In addition, you are able to work on an extra assignment in which you are developing a design of a course that makes effective and attractive use of internet technology.
You are able to underpin your choices on the basis of literature.

The MOOC has a duration of seven weeks. The subjects covered are: testing, assessment and providing feedback, communication and collaborative learning, communication and individual learning, and developing learning material, all, of course, with the help of internet technology.

Each study task contains assignments that you put to the other participants. In addition, you can deepen your knowledge about blended learning by choosing elaboration assignments or by making a redesign.

We ask you to actively participate and respond to products of the other participants.

The study load is about three hours per week. Participation in this course is free.

The materials within this course are available under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA , unless stated otherwise.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this MOOC the participant is able to enhance or improve the own educational practice on the basis of examples of blended learning.

After the end of this MOOC is the participant able to criticaly reflect on the didactal strong and weak points of a number of technologies that can be used for learning.

After completion of this MOOC the participant is able to construct a substantiated (re)design of a course in which online and face-to-face learning are combined.


Francis Brouns

Dr. ir. Francis Brouns started in 1998 at the Welten Institute (formerly CELSTEC), the Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology of the Open Universiteit. Her research is on developing innovative learning environments and supporting lifelong learners, with a particular focus on collaborative and social learning, peer support, learning networks and MOOCs.