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Course Overview

The course, energy transition made simple for citizens, as the name suggests, is a course whose main objective is informing the general public about energy transition, its importance and role in society, along with some basic concepts of energy transition e.g. eco-design. In this course we will also explain how to achieve "energy transition goals" as well as a number of problems that may arise during the "transition phase", for instance, the nimby syndrome. The aforementioned topics are explained in a simplified manner so as to make the entire course understandable for anyone interested. In the course there will be many opportunities to test your newly acquired knowledge with gamefied tests such as image matching, true or false, fill the gaps and more without limiting the number of attempts.

Learning Objectives

  • What is Energy Transition

  • The social direction of energy transition 

  • Territorial perspective of the social construction of energy Transition

  • Renewable energy technologies

  • Energy efficiency and the concept of ecological design of products 


  • Basic Understanding of Energy Transition

  • Understand the social direction of energy transition

  • Understand the role of renewable energy technologies in energy transition

  • Basic Understanding of energy efficiency and the concept of ecological design of products 

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Course Structure

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction to Energy Transition
  • Lesson 2 - History of Energy and Social Change
  • Lesson 3 - Energy Practices
  • Lesson 4 - CO2 Emissions - Classification and Availability of Energy
  • Lesson 5 - Fundimentals and Technology of Solar Energy
  • Lesson 6 - Energy Efficiency and EcoDesign Introduction
  • Lesson 7 - Energy Efficiency and Eco-Design of Energy related Products


John Christidis, EMMA Project


Helen Leligou, EMMA Project