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A self-managed MOOC where you organize your own study schedule and learning journey (through the content provided).

To use the Emma courses you need to subscribe to the Emma platform and to enroll in a course. It 's not difficult but be sure you received the confirmation email and validate it. In some cases, the confirmation email goes into the SPAM folder, so check also such a folder before asking for technical support. For any problem, have a look at the "how to enroll" videotutorial or write to

Now, let’s have a look at the EMMA features. Enjoy !

EMMA offers a series of MOOC courses that you can follow, studying the different units in each lesson and completing the assignments to check your learning. Working towards a certificate of completion at the end. 

  • You can use the translation feature to view the course and video subtitles in the original language or in one of the translated versions currently available. 
  • You can extend and develop your learning in the course using the links and resources suggested by the teacher, using the Europeana and online resources recommended by EMMA, and adding and sharing your own resources. 
  • You can collect all your bookmarks and comments and notes in a personal page. 
  • You can build communities of interest or simply share learning resources and experiences with your classmates, teacher and other users on EMMA using the different interaction features. 
  • You can also construct your own learning path in a specific topic area. You will see that the MOOCs fall into similar categories so you can study related subjects from different view points, and even from different nations using the translation feature. 
  • You can then select parts from different courses and add  them to your notebook. 


* Per gli studenti italiani, è disponibile una piccola Guida alla registrazione.

Course Structure

  • Lesson 1 - EMMA MOOC courses
  • Lesson 2 - Your Personal tools


Ruth Kerr

English Language teacher. Instructional design and online learning. Human Resources and professional development.