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This course aims at raising awareness of the public audience about energy transition, the concept, its importance for the society and the role of our behaviours.

Learning Objectives

  • The role of renewable energies;
  • The basic operation principles of renewable energy sources;
  • The other technologies involved in the integration of the renewable energy.


  • Understand the role of renewable energy for the energy transition;
  • Acquire basic knowledge about the operation of different renewable technologies;
  • Get a basic understanding about other technologies needed to enable the energy transition.

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Ferdinanda Ponci

Some information on the "professional-me" can be found here, on the RWTH Aachen University website:


Marco Pau

Marco Pau is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems at RWTH Aachen University. At the institute, he is leading the research team for Distribution Grid Monitoring and Automation. His research work includes State Estimation, Measurement techniques, the Uncertainty propagation theory, Phasor Measurement Units, and synchrophasor algorithms.