My Grief Angels, Inc is a 501 (c) (3) Online Grief Support & Education Non-Profit Organization ( The organization’s mission is to help people grieving, their families, friends and communities help themselves thru free Online Education; free Mobile Apps (“Grief Support Network”); Books (“Good from Grief”); Information about the latest research on how Grief can impact our Health and our Lives; Directories of Grief Support Resources by type of loss experienced and Online Research on the Grief Experience & Process.
Grief is one of humanity’s common bonds, but it is also something that research tells us most of us know little about, and are not prepared for. My Grief Angels (“MGA”) empowers individuals, organizations and communities to be more grief-aware and a support resource for others grieving around us.
Few of us will ever be truly prepared to deal with the death of loved ones, and while we will never be able to take away the pain of that loss, MGA’s hope is that by better understanding grief, the grieving process, and its potential impact on our health, our families, our jobs, our lives and our communities – we may be better equipped for our own and our neighbors’ grief journeys.
MGA is an online grief support & education non-profit organization helping people grieving worldwide to help themselves by leveraging the power of technology to access the latest grief research, education, resources and community-building tools. We launched the first proximity-based online grief support mobile app, “Grief Support Network”, to enable users to form their own local 24/7 communities of grief support. The free app is now one of the leading grief support apps on iTunes & Google Play.

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