“From Seed to Spoon” is an educational project on the food supply chain developed for high school students whose final aim is the promotion of ecosystem services and sustainable agriculture in cities and peri-urban natural areas in different European Countries.

One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is the rapidly growing urban populations and the consequent increasing demand of food. Providing the inhabitants of European cities with affordable, safe, and nutritious food is both urgent and complex. Moreover, the health and wellbeing of EU consumers are directly affected by the way cities and agriculture landscapes are shaping a sustainable food environment.

The project is composed by three steps:

Step 1: We all learn!

E-learning for each participating high school. The students will participate in an introductory online course on the topics of the project (e.g. sustainable agriculture, ecosystem services, biodiversity)

Step 2: Learn & Work, Work & Learn!

A selected group of students from each school will visit and participate in practical lessons and laboratory activities on animal and plant species providing and/or promoting ecosystem services.

Step 3: Share & Learn, Learn & Share!

Students will implement the knowledge acquired in their countries (Greece, Romania and Sweden) sharing it with their peers.